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Quick Guide to RailAdvisor

  • Step 1: Register by selecting the Sign Up link on the status bar and fill in the information requested.
  • Step 2: Validate Your Identity by selecting the link in the email you receive from railadvisor.com.
  • Step 3: Personal details are input along with your picture on the User Profile page. Please upload your Resume, Publications, or other relevant files that should be associated with you personally. You can select the privacy level of this information.
  • Step 4: Company details and general description are added by selecting the "Add Company" link on the profile page. You can select from a list of existing company records or you can create a new record. You may also add relevant files that you would like to associate with your Company. Do not add Solution Information in this section. It is for general Company information only. This information is linked to a Solution and is searchable once a Solution is created and paid for.
  • Step 5: Solution details (aka product or service) are added a with relevant description and keywords. This section is the core of RailAdvisor and is the most detailed. You may add your Technical Documents, Publications, Marketing Brochures, or other relevant files that you would like to associate with your Solution. Be specific and concise.
  • Step 6: Activate And Make Your Information Searchable by selecting the link in the status bar that states "# Solution Awaiting Payment" if you have offered a solution. Multiple solutions can be purchased at one time and you can also choose to auto-renew your annual subscription of $200 USD per solution.
  • Step 7: Edit your information at any time to keep it up to date.


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