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RailAdvisor FAQ's

What is RailAdvisor.com?

RailAdvisor is a time saving tool, a marketing channel, a contact list, a global solution provider, and a technical resource all rolled into one easy, comprehensive, and intuitive website.

Listing a solution on RailAdvisor costs less than the price of printing a product brochure and then reaches the global rail community instantly. It is also easy & free to update or add information as it becomes available throughout the year.

In addition to product listings, service offerings, pictures and contact information; users can also attach technical or commercial files for more information on ones product, service, or company. Registered users can even give a professional recommendation to products, services, or companies. Users can also list themselves as a "Personal Product" should you be in the market for a rail related job. Just check the box in the "User Information" section to be listed.

What does RailAdvisor.com do for me?

RailAdvisor is the website for product or service promotion. If you are an established company with multiple products or services, this platform allows you to quickly and easily provide the rail community with your most updated information. If you are a small company with only a few products or services, RailAdvisor provides you the most inexpensive and wide reaching option for getting your message out to the global railway community.

  • Open Source platform for Our Rail Community.
  • One stop website for all railway related information.
  • Time saving tool when looking for information about rail related topics.
  • Collection of the world's railway knowledge; indexed and archived for easy retrieval.
  • A platform to promote Products or Services along with Technical Details.
  • Contacts for Companies and People worldwide.
  • Website for rail terms and definitions.
  • Portal for forums within the worlds Rail community.
  • A resource that is railway focused and Solutions based.
  • A resource that is updated and improved every day by the professional rail community

What are the Benefits of RailAdvisor.com?

  • RailAdvisor.com is easily remembered and has a Global reach.
  • Inexpensive Solution-Based advertising platform.
  • One-stop-shop for fast technical information gathering.
  • One-stop-shop for global solutions and contact info.
  • Unobtrusive and beneficial (targeted) advertising.
  • Provides the ability to refine searches based on any criteria for unlimited flexibility.
  • Simple, elegant and professional interface.
  • An Intuitive website at all levels.

RailAdvisor is designed "For Rail Professionals, by Rail Professionals". What are you looking for?

Who Benefits from RailAdvisor.com?

Most everyone in the railway community benefits from RailAdvisor.com.

  1. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN PERSONNEL benefit when multiple sources are required for tenders or purchases – this also allows management to be assured that the widest available supply community was researched for the best value solution on a global scale.
  2. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALES PERSONNEL benefit by using a very inexpensive and wide reaching platform with unlimited detail and audience when promoting their products or services.
  3. ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL STAFF benefit by archiving and linking technical information with specific solutions from around the globe. Furthermore, this site "raises-the-bar" of technical competency by allowing the international rail community to collaborate and advance the state of the art in railway technology.

RailAdvisor is the Railway Communities Website

How does RailAdvisor.com help my existing website?

Most Companies have their own website and information on-line. However, content updates, domain ranking, and website maintenance can be very expensive and time consuming.

Listing a product or service (aka. SOLUTION) on RailAdvisor.com helps to give your existing company website more credibility and more visibility. If your website is linked to another credible website such as RailAdvisor.com, then your company website obtains a higher ranking on search engine listings. Please list your web address under company details and put a link on your website to RailAdvisor.com for the maximum benefit.

Searching for a solution on line is usually difficult if not impossible when users don't know exactly what they are looking for. RailAdvisor allows companies to simply register a product or service without the knowledge or expense of knowing how to reach their targeted audience. RailAdvisor is therefore both an alternative and a compliment to the company website as it allows better access and a more directed customer focus for reaching the rail community.

Why use RailAdvisor.com?

PROBLEM: Where do Rail Professionals go now for railway information?

  • Contact friends and colleagues yielding limited information and limited knowledge.
  • Traditional search on the Internet. Unfortunately, the information gained using a traditional search engine usually yields irrelevant and limited results unless one knows exactly what they are looking for. This method is usually scattered, time consuming, and difficult. Results returned from a search may only have partial relevance and sorting through the clutter is time consuming and frustrating. Additionally, most every search on a traditional search engine filters your results based on Geography or where one is searching from. Results from the same query initiated in North America will be very different from those results displayed if the search is done from the Europe.
  • Send out a request for tender and hope the right solutions show up at your door. This approach is very time intensive and costly on the back end.


Listing a product or service on RailAdvisor is very affordable and allows the rail industry to be more pro-active, more productive, more connected, and more efficient. Each product or service can be registered and continuously updated on line so that the information in the public domain is relevant and up to date. RailAdvisor helps to improve our industry by connecting solutions and improving the state of the art.

What does RailAdvisor.com cost?

  • Each user can search or browse solutions at no cost. This is a completely FREE service to the entire rail community.
  • In addition to obtaining information from the site, users can recommend a product, service or company if logged in after registration (again this is FREE).
  • To register a product or service is only $200 per product per year. Each product or service can be registered & continuously updated on line for that year.
  • Discounts available for high volume listings (threshold being more than 10).
Product / Service (Solution) Cost
Search FREE
Register as a User FREE
Register a Company FREE
List an Event FREE
Join RA Forum FREE
First 10 Solutions $200.00 ea
Solution 11 or more Contact Us
  • RailAdvisor does everything possible to keep cost of registration to a minimum. This allows an affordable platform for all to improve our industry. Listing on RailAdvisor is often less expensive than one printing of a product brochure and will allow the rail industry to be more productive, more connected, and more efficient.
  • Once registered; User can input as much information as is relevant for defining categorization, product description, company profile, and contact information.
  • Registered users can also upload technical papers or publication and provide additional content for their offered Solutions!
  • Product or Service (Solution) become searchable once paid for on-line via credit card.

Why do I need to register multiple solutions instead of just listing my company?

Listing a paragraph of Company information has been the standard approach for many websites and is one of the many reasons that those websites are not very effective.

When a railway professional is looking on-line for something, the odds tell us that he or she is looking to find a SOLUTION to a problem. The company details are not useful until they know if the solution offered is something that will serve the specific need.

We, as railway professionals, want to know what solutions are available and then who to contact about those solutions. In that order. This is the value and the difference that RailAdvisor provides. RailAdvisor provides SOLUTIONS and then supplies the necessary contact information.

Who does RailAdvisor.com reach and service?

RailAdvisor reaches a Worldwide Audience such as:

  • Freight Operators
  • Installation Contractors
  • Maintenance Contractors
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's)
  • Parts & Service Suppliers
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Government Bodies
  • Vehicle or Fleet Owners
  • Conference Organizers
  • International Customers
  • Transit Operators
  • Engineering firms
  • Infrastructure Owners
  • Consultants
  • Resource Managers
  • Universities
  • R&D Facilities
  • Anyone with an Internet Connection

How do I List a Product/Service (SOLUTION) on RailAdvisor.com?

To list a product or service, one must first register as a user. From the home page, select "Login" and "Sign Up", then input your details as prompted on the page displayed. You will be able to register and add information free of charge.

Once registration has been completed, a User can choose to list a product or service at any time. The profile page will display further information and allow User, Solution, and Company details to be input and saved. This information can be edited at any time.

Products or Services (otherwise known as solutions) can be paid for to make them searchable after assigned a name.

What are some of the functions of RailAdvisor.com?

Users can search or browse solutions by entering a search term and then viewing the displayed results. Sorting of results is achieved by selecting the column header to then sort by that column's information.

Registered customers define their product or service SOLUTION by inputting a categorization, product description, and supporting technical documentation in the User Profile Section. Specific contact details will also be associated with the solution provided. Product Registration is only $200 per product per year!

Product recommendations and Event Listings are permitted by registered users only.

Language selection is available from the top menu bar. Note that uploaded documents will still be presented in the original language as submitted.

Why should I Register on RailAdvisor.com?

Registration provides many benefits such as the ability to give References, List Products/Services and register or be notified of Events on the Industry Calendar. Additionally, you can set your preferences for viewing information, let the industry know that you are available for hire and keep up to date on the Forum Pages once Logged In. RailAdvisor.com. is your connection to the global railway community

How Much Supporting Information Can I Upload?

Each User, Solution and Company is allocated 2GB each. This means that a User can upload 2GB for their personal information, 2GB for their company information, and 2GB for each Product/Service (Solution) listed.

Additional space is available for a small fee. Please contact us for further details.

What is the Calendar of Events?

The calendar of events is an industry platform to inform railway professionals of significant events such as conferences, seminars and other industry proceedings. Registered users can add an event as long as it is pertinent to the industry as a whole. Please submit your Event here or on the Calendar of Events page.

Calendar Example

What is RA Forum?

The RA Forum is a bulletin board for posting questions, researching previous topics of interest and connecting with railway professionals from around the globe. Discussion threads are searchable and participants can post questions, answers, or comments for review and response from peers.

This is an industry policed forum and should be treated with the utmost professional courtesy and factual content when posting. RailAdvisor reserves the right to remove privileges from anyone not adhering to this intent.

What is the Rail Terminology Feature?

The Railway Terminology Section is a list of Terms, their aliases, and the associated definition as described by the collective railway community. This platform allows the rail industry to build a database of terms and definitions for general education purposes.

Please submit your additions/corrections here or on the Railway Terminology page.


Terms Example

How do Rogue Products get Policed?

RailAdvisor is designed for Railway Professionals, by Railway Professionals. All content is monitored by the railway community and any incorrect or inappropriate information posted anywhere on the site should be reported to support@railadvisor.com.

RailAdvisor reserves the right to immediately remove any content it deems inaccurate or inappropriate.

Are Recommendations Audited?

Recommendations are positive in nature, however, RailAdvisor reserves the right to immediately remove any content it deems inaccurate or inappropriate.

RailAdvisor is designed for Railway Professionals, by Railway Professionals. All content is monitored by the railway community and any incorrect or inappropriate information posted anywhere on the site should be reported to support@railadvisor.com.

Is the Personal Information I list on the Site Secure?

All information stored on RailAdvisor.com is secure. Please notice the https:// in the url denoting a secure socket layer and also the padlock icon on some browsers.

All Product and Company information is public at all times. Personal User contact information is private by default; however, users do have the option to un-check the privacy box on the profile page if you would like to share your contact details with others.

RailAdvisor uses a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for all online transactions. This is a method of encryption which encodes data sent over the Intranet and is designed to allow only the intended recipients to receive the information in a readable format. Most web browsers will show a small padlock image at the bottom of the screen to indicate you are using a secure site.

The online payment system is managed by a third-party vendor, Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Can I Give Suggestions or Comments?

RailAdvisor would like to ask you, The Railway Professional, for your feedback and suggestions. This website is designed for the dissemination of railway information and is maintained as the railway community's website.

If you have any suggestion for how to make this site better, please add your suggestion in an email to us at suggestions@railadvisor.com. This can be done anonymously or you can add your contact details. Thank you for helping to improve your rail industry.


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