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grex@georgetownrail.com, Georgetown

Market Segment: Track, Permanent Way

Primarily serving North American Class 1 Railroads with solutions for worldwide application in Track Maintenance, Material Delivery and Tie Inspection using machine vision technology

Company Information

Georgetown Rail Equipment Company provides innovative tools for railroads throughout North America. From our DumpTrain® delivery system to our innovative tie inspection system, Aurora®, our products stand out among the rest as technologically advanced, safer, more efficient, and more productive. We're here to identify and produce new and better ways to get your work done.

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Georgetown Rail Equipment Company
111 Cooperative Way, Suite 100
Georgetown, Texas
USA 78626

Phone: +1 512 869 1542
Mobile: +1 512 818 2045
Fax: +1 512 863 0405


At this location it is Saturday, 7:22 (UTC -6:00)

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Last Modified On: 06/13/2012


Solutions from this Company

Dump Train
Dump Train
A permanently coupled consist of cars with 1500 tons of material capacity that can be offloaded 180 degrees of center of track at the rate of 2000 TPH using a rotating boom
HydraDump (R) conversion kits replace the air powered lifting systems provided by OEM build specifications. No launching with hydraulic cylinders. Reduced maintenance & Improved Safety.
Machine Vision technology removes subjective judgment and provides reliable and repeatable assessment for Wood Tie Condition, Concrete assessment for indications of RSA / RSD. Collection at 62 KpH
Solaris(R) converts unloading of ballast cars from the labor intensive, hazards and effects of weather and environmental variables to a fully automated unloading. Synchronized door opening system.
Synchronized unloading of ballast cars by combining automation of ballast door actuation and delivery based upon pre dump survey results and any consist configuration of 2 to 50 cars.
State of the art LIDAR technology, an encoder wheel and videography, the system measures the existing ballast profile for comparison with the Railroad’s “ideal” profile.
The SPS Self-Powered Slot(TM)
The SPS Self-Powered Slot(TM)
A self powered consist of endless gondola cars with overlapping floor plates and side walls that allow movement of the onboard excavator equipped with ditching buckets, magnet, grapple and rail dog.
Referred to as a “work platform” because of it’s versatility, this consist of gondola cars without bulkheads and overlapping floor plates and side walls can perform a number of maintenance tasks

People Associated with this Company

Shell, William
Shell, William
President & CEO


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